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The Articles of Association are the governing document for BALEAP:

BALEAP articles of association [PDF]

Agendas, Reports and Minutes from Annual General Meetings

AGM 2020

27th March 2020, online (due to Coronavirus)

Annual General Meeting 2020 – Agenda

Annual Report and Unaudited Financial Statements 2018-19

Chair’s Report AGM 2020

Treasurer Report AGM 2020

BAS Chair Report AGM 2020

Web Officer Report AGM 2020

Testing Officer Report AGM 2020

Events Officer Report AGM 2020

Research and Publications Officer Report AGM 2020

AGM 2019

13th April 2019, Leeds (at Biennial Conference)

Annual General Meeting 2019 – Agenda

BALEAP AGM Minutes Leeds April 2019 (unconfirmed)

Annual Report and unaudited financial statement 2017-2018

Chair’s Report AGM 2019

Web Officer Report AGM 2019

Events Officer report AGM April 2019

BALEAP Accreditation Scheme Chair Report 2019

TEAP Officer Report AGM 2019

Research and Publications report AGM 2019

Information officer Report AGM 2019

Testing Officer Report AGM 2019

AGM 2018

24th March 2018, Reading (in conjunction with TEAP training and ResTES)

Annual General Meeting 2018 – Agenda

BALEAP AGM 24th March 2018 Minutes (unconfirmed)

Chair’s Report AGM 2018

BALEAP 2017 accounts for AGM 2018

Events Officer report AGM March 2018

BAS Chair report AGM 2018

TEAP Officer Report AGM March 2018

Testing Officer Report AGM 2018

Research and Publications AGM March 2018

BALEAP Information officer Report AGM 2018

Web Officer Report AGM 2018


AGM 2017

8th April 2017, Biennial Conference, Bristol

Annual General Meeting 2017 – Agenda

AGM Minutes 08.04.17

By-laws passed at AGM 2017

Trustees’ report and unaudited accounts for the year ended 31 July 2016

Chair’s Report AGM 2017

BALEAP Events Officer Report AGM 2017

Research and Publications AGM 2017

BALEAP TEAP officer Report AGM 2016-17

BALEAP BAS Chair report 2017

BALEAP Testing Officer Report for 2017 AGM

BALEAP Information officer Report AGM 2016-17

BALEAP Web Officer Report AGM 2017


AGM 2016

19th March 2016, BALEAP PIM, London School of Economics

Annual General Meeting 2016- Agenda

BALEAP Annual General Meeting 2016- MINUTES