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Guidelines for institutional advertisers on Job page:

Our work is built on four core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Development
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusivity

Please respect these when advertising a job on our site.

Please also note the following:

  • We do not allow jobs to be advertised that require native speakers of English.
  • Some of our membership have previously expressed a strong opinion on zero hour contracts if advertised.  BALEAP needs to balance not only the various individual members’ needs and opinions but also our institutional members.  We will continue to post these as we want to make every opportunity available to our membership. However, we would encourage you to consider the rationale for these contracts over other types.
  • We do not allow any bias against age, gender, race, or sexual orientation in posts advertised.  If, in the case of age, this is linked to a visa requirement, please make this explicitly clear in the wording submitted to our jobs page.
  • Institutions that advertise must hold institutional membership to take advantage of the no advertising cost benefit.  Please note, this does not extend to partner institutions.  Whoever the employer will be, must be a member to advertise free of charge.  (Non-members and partner institutional employers may still advertise but at a charge.)


Institutional and associate members of BALEAP:

  • You can advertise vacancies for jobs or other work on the BALEAP website as part of your membership. Please submit details of the vacancy via the “Advertise a job” blue button below.


Non-members of BALEAP:


Please note: While we endeavour to post most jobs within 1-3 working days, it may sometimes take up to 5 working days as BALEAP is run by volunteers.

Once the ad is posted and you require any amendments to it, please use the Contact Us form and choose ‘Advertising jobs’ as its subject.

DISCLAIMER: We check information as submitted in the job submission form and that links are correct. We cannot check information in pages or documents linked to this.  It is the responsibility of the advertising institution to ensure the information is accurate and up to date as well as taking responsibility for any values expressed in those documents or linked web pages.


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