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Globally, there is a far-reaching EAP community that you can be a part of.

For BALEAP members there is the discussion list, where you can engage in conversation with BALEAP members from across the world. Many use the list to explore issues pertinent to the everyday teaching of EAP, to explore EAP practice across a range of institutions and to gain advice and support from peers around the world. In addition, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore current trends in EAP-related research, such as Systemic Functional Linguistics, Legitimation Code Theory, Digital Literacies and the Philosophy of Education. If you are a member of BALEAP you can subscribe to the d-list here:


Whether or not you are a BALEAP member, there is a lively online community discussing all things EAP. If you are on Twitter or Google+ then simply search for #tleap or #eapchat, or join the #tleap group on Facebook.


There are an increasing number of blogs that are dedicated to discussions around EAP – Googling ‘EAP blogs’ helps you find many of these.


For BALEAP members and non-members, PIMs and the biennial conference are great ways to engage in EAP conversations face-to-face. These events are regularly advertised through the d-list and the BALEAP twitter account @baleap (which will include relevant hashtags to follow for the different events).