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BALEAP has an executive committee of thirteen officers. Members of the committee are volunteers drawn from the membership. There is one Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year for all members, which is held at the Biennial Conference or in association with a training day every other year.

If you would like to get involved, please keep an eye on the BALEAP JISCmail and the News section on the website, where we will announce elections. These take place online before the AGM in April. You can check the terms of the current officers below and access a description of what each role entails here. A list of past committee members (from 2016) is available here.

Maxine Gillway

Chair 2016-2019

Sarah Brewer

Incoming Chair 2018-2019 (to become Chair 2019-2022)

Kerry Tavakoli

Events Officer 2018-2021

Lia Blaj-Ward

Treasurer 2017-2020

Bella Ruth Reichard

Web Officer 2016-2019

Gary Riley-Jones

TEAP Officer 2018-2021

Olwyn Alexander

BAS Chair 2017-2019

Conrad Heyns

Incoming BAS Chair 2018-2019 (to become BAS Chair 2019-2022)

John Wrigglesworth

Research and Publications Officer 2017-2020

John Slaght

Testing Officer 2018-2021

Clare Poulson

Information and Publicity Officer 2017-2020

Jane Bottomley

Elected Ordinary Member 2017-2020

David Read

Elected Ordinary Member 2017-2020

Anneli Williams

Elected Ordinary Member 2018-2021