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BALEAP Conference: Innovation, Exploration and Transformation

12th April 2019 - 14th April 2019


Conference Programme

Recordings of keynote plenaries and panel plenaries

Interviews with participants

Discussion Maxine Gillway (BALEAP Chair 2016-2019) and Sarah Brewer (BALEAP Chair 2019-2022)

Sarah and Maxine are introducing BALEAP, current and past activities and plans for the global future (SIGs, Webinars, individual and institutional accreditation and everything in between)


Further materials from selected sessions


Dave Rush – Idiot Schoolmaster Threshold Concepts

Kenneth Anderson and Cathy Benson – Reviewing the Literature

Lisa McGrath and Raffaella Negretti – Reading blogs, task and feedback

Martin Seviour – Custom essay writing services

Clare Furneaux and Rosemary Wette – PG responses in anglophone universities

Clare Wright and Clare Furneaux – MOOC

Katherine High and Elizabeth Allen – Empowering learner autonomy through PASS

Graeme Nelson and Laura Pibworth-Dolinski – Flipping the PSE Classroom

Aleks Palanac – Handmaidens and waiters

Julia Molinari – What makes writing academic

Joy Robbins and Beck McCarter – Transformative Pedagogy TBL in EAP

Sam Evans – Workshop – Bridging the EGAP

Paula Villegas and Chris Smith – Flipping Pre-sessionals

Milada Walkova – Transition markers

Jenny Kemp – Corpus for students’ lexical needs

Prithvi Shrestha and John Parry – Distance learning

David Camorani – EAP Practitioner Identities

Anna Murawska – Can academic reading empower EAP students plus Attendee pack

Maggie Charles – panel BALEAP 2019

Innovative Teaching Sessions

Cathryn Bennett – Lexical bundles and fluency

Liz Chiu – Office 365

Tan Chia Mien – Improving Feedback on Writing through Technology

Tatyana Karpenko-Seccombe – Teaching with concordancers



Jonathan Smart – The EAP Practitioner and the Echo Chamber

Maggie Charles – proofreading own texts

Susie Cowley-Haselden – Knowledge blindness on EGAP Pre-sessional

Paul Hendrie – TEAP collaboration

Martha Jones – Professional identity and MA TEAP courses

Ruth Marciniak and Fiona Aish – Adapting lectures for international students

Alison Thomas et al – EAP and the Creative Arts workshop

Julie King and Janet De Wilde – PhD Thesis Writing Retreat

Averil Coxhead and Yen Dang – corpora and wordlists

Sam Evans – Paper – Bridging the EGAP

Liliya Makovskaya and Ijobat Juraeva – Academic vocabulary

Sam Barclay – Using Assessment Criteria to Evaluate Course Materials and Delivery

Andrew Drummond – Vocabulary Chinese Students

Lisa Brennan – What makes an EAP Practitioner

Damian Fitzpatrick and Tracey Costley – What do we mean by EAP teachers

Sarah Taylor – Professional identity and scholarship

Qian Zhang and Ming Zhong – Moving into TEAP in China

Catherine Beswick – Pre-sessional induction

Kristin Terrill – Thesis support

Caroline Fletcher – Electronic feedback

Yen Dang – Vocabulary in speech of hard and soft sciences

Averil Bolster and Peter Levrai – Defining Student Collaboration

Sally Zacharias – cognitive linguistics and EAP

Sheena Gardner and Jim Donohue – JEAP Special Issue

Brian Paltridge – Publishing in academic journals

Claire Murby and Simon Gooch – Exploring the complexity of primary research



Deak Kirkham and Milada Walkova – The 7Cs Pedagogical Framework for Grammar Teaching

Peter Davidson – Integrated skills assessment

Daniel Quinn and Shivani Rochford – Teacher perceptions of final projects

Andrew Drybrough – Guiding EAP students to write more critically – BALEAP Leeds 14.04.2019

Julie Hartill – Pre-sessional STEM test

Mark Sinnott and Lin Xia – Gamification of Vocab Learning- the AWL

Caroline Burns and Jane Carnaffan – Widening Participation

Paul Breen – Real World Activity as a means of reshaping practice

Sandra Leigh – Socialisation

Julie King, Robin Mowat, Andrew Northern, Gary Riley-Jones – Context, EGAP and ESAP

Zulfi Qureshi – Student and Teacher Beliefs about Writing Conferences

Yuan (Michelle) Hu XJTLU – From Cluster to Pathway

Kristof Hegedus – Positive washback

David Read and Anastasios Asimakopoulos – Online corpus course for teachers

Jennifer Sizer – Unobtrusive textography of a university building as an innovative research method

Lisa Robinson – Transforming Feedback


12th April 2019
14th April 2019
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