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Integrating Chat GPT for Creating EAP Assessments

The first workshop of the BALEAP Assessment Roadshows! In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to leverage the power of ChatGPT to create effective English for Academic Purposes (EAP) assessments. Tailored for EAP professionals, this session will guide attendees through practical exercises in generating multiple-choice questions, developing reading comprehension texts, and crafting listening transcripts […]

PIM: Back to the Classroom – New Framework, New Balance?

Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan invites you to a PIM examining how the landscape of EAP courses and the balance of EAP roles have altered in the shadow of the global pandemic. The themes for the PIM are: Redefining Learning Spaces in the Post-Pandemic: The hybrid model – back in the office or working remotely? The evolving online […]

NFEAP 2024 – EAP and Hybridity

Oslo Metropolitan University

The word hybridity has lately become associated with the idea of a hybrid classroom – one where some learners are physically present, and some are present online. But this is not the only way to think about hybridity in EAP – hybridity might also refer to hybrid genres, or hybrid modes. Hybridity might mean the […]

Introduction to TEAP Accreditation


Attend this free event to find out about TEAP accreditation. This webinar is for those who are thinking of applying for accreditation through the individual TEAP route but are unsure of the process and practicalities around how to apply. It will mainly take the format of a Q&A, aiming to add further depth to the […]

BALEAP Conference 2025

Save the Date Date: 14th-17th April 2025 Conference Theme: Collaboration, co-creation, and community: The transformative potential of EAP Organization: English Language Centre, University of Plymouth In 2023, EAP was put under deconstruction. In 2025, we are celebrating EAP as co-construction. BALEAP 2025 invites an exploration of unique positionings, ‘third spaces’, and collaborative projects that reach […]

The EAP Student: identity, community and belonging

Exact date to be confirmed. The University of Edinburgh invites you to attend a PIM in November 2025 in Scotland’s historic capital city. This PIM aims to shine the spotlight on the EAP student focusing on themes of identity, community and belonging from the perspective of the student: the ways in which academic identities are […]