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Future BALEAP Conferences

The BALEAP 2023 conference is going to be held at the University of Warwick. Deatils of the event are being finalised and will be published on the website soon.

While it is too early to be announcing a bid for the subsequent conference, we always welcome informal inquiries or expressions of interest. Here is a provisional checklist for institutions that may be interested in hosting the next BALEAP conference.

For any further questions, please contact


Bids for hosting a PIM in June 2023 and March, June and November 2024 are currently being invited. If your institution might be interested in hosting an online, blended or face-to-face PIM, please send an expression of interest to using the PIM-Bid-Proposal-Form-2021-22.

PIMs are one-day meetings, usually held three times a year:

  • March
  • June
  • November

Traditionally, PIMs have followed the format of a mini conference, usually with an opening plenary, parallel sessions of approximately 30 minutes, and a closing panel or plenary.  However, we welcome variations on this format and ideas for diversifying the structure of the day, providing that these promote the key aims of PIMs, as outlined on the proposal form.

We invite anyone who is interested to complete a bid proposal form. This will help us to ensure that there is a good range of themes/topics and an appropriate geographical range of venues.

Please refer to the Professional-Issues-Meeting-PIM-Handbook-2021-22  for more information, and if you have any questions please contact

Testing Roadshows

If your institution is interested in hosting a Testing Roadshow event, please contact the Testing Officer in the first instance.

Here is an outline of what is involved in organising such an event.


If you are hosting a BALEAP event, please contact the Web Officer or the Information and Publicity Officer to send you the BALEAP logo. Please use this in accordance with our logo policy.