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BALEAP PIM: Speaking

9th June 2018

£100 – £150

At INTO Newcastle University, delegates have explored the changing role of speaking skills in a university setting.

  1. Steve Walsh – Plenary
    Developing Classroom Interactional Competence across Disciplines – Slides
  2. Gary Riley-Jones
    ‘I want to know what’s going on in their heads’: The Role of Speaking in Critical Thinking in Art Education and its Relevance to EAP. A Work in Progress – Slides
  3. Blair Matthews
    Assessing Seminar Responses through Recorded Audio – Slides
  4. Jing (Alice) Shan
    Chinese postgraduate students’ needs for oral participation in English in the UK – Slides
  5. Katherine High
    Improving discipline-specific speaking skills for international foundation students – Slides
  6. Chris Heady
    Small group consensus discussion tasks; Conversation Analysis driven criteria – Slides, Marking grid, Student version, Test
  7. Elizabeth Allen & Christine Lee
    Talking about texts: Using Reading and Listening Circles to provide students with a meaningful purpose to engage with texts in seminars and presentations – Slides
  8. Julie Hartill
    ‘English as a tool not just an objective’: developing interaction and autonomy on a pre-sessional course – Slides
  9. Helen Grinsell
    ‘Making it real’: A practitioner approach to assessing international first-year undergraduate speaking skills – Slides
  10. Georgina Lloyd & Pamela McIldowie
    Simulated consultations on a medical pathway programme: analysing what constitutes a ‘good’ performance- Slides
  11. Katrien Deroey
    Designing personalized, interactive materials for presentation skills – Slides
  12. Rebecca Welland
    Fostering critical and meaningful responses in student seminar discussions – Slides
  13. Liz Chiu
    Pre-sessional assessment of spoken English for STEM postgraduates – Slides
  14. Stephen Hughes
    Faculty perspectives on international students’ speaking skills: challenges; possible causes of challenges and how pre-sessional courses could help – Slides
  15. Marion Heron
    ‘Communicating in a business-like way’: developing oracy skills in higher education – Slides


9th June 2018
£100 – £150
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INTO Newcastle University
The INTO Building
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 7RU


Bella Reichard

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