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BALEAP BAS event – May 2019

11th May 2019

Teacher induction: The readiness and development of EAP tutors in preparation for Pre-sessional and In-sessional courses.

  • How well do we prepare our visiting teachers for the intensive courses that they will be teaching over the busy summer period? Are our inductions merely an opportunity for course directors to impart logistical information or a genuine opening for meaningful professional development and the discussion of teaching issues that are often so lacking? (Hyland, K, 2018. Sympathy for the devil? A defence of EAP. Language Teaching, 51.3, 383 – 399.)
  • What more can be done to support teachers once on courses and often working in somewhat isolation, particularly when it comes to In-sessional classes?
  • How can we forge closer relationships with receiving departments and guarantee involvement from them to ensure a smoother transition for students to their main courses of study? And once students are on their courses how can we continue to meets the needs of students and departments?

This annual May Event for the BALEAP Accreditation Scheme will take place in Durham University on Saturday 11th May, where you can see good practice for EAP induction gathered from recent visits to BALEAP accredited institutions.


11th May 2019
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