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BALEAP Webinar: Creating digital content

20th November 2019 @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Creating digital content:  Xerte and other online tools

In this webinar, colleagues from 4 BALEAP member institutions talk about their experience of using authoring tools to create digital content for EAP programmes. After each presentation there was a short Q&A session. Here’s a link to the recording;

If you click on the purple X in the corner of the screen, this will open up the Chat going on in the background to the presentations.

The speakers (David Read, Amanda Gorrell and Gareth Jones) covered a lot of ground, and talked, from a range of perspectives, about their experiences of using authoring tools to produce online content.  Some of us are working in teams with reasonable (never enough!) resources, others are working pretty much in isolation with little or no remission for work like this.  Some of us are using free tools (Xerte, H5P)  and others paid-for tools (Storyline 360), and that impacts considerably on what can be achieved.  Gareth Jones showed us how learning content drawing on a range of resources could be brought together and presented coherently and attractively.

Here are just a few of the questions raised and discussed by participants (and summaries of the consensual response to them;

  • How much of a learning curve is there for those learning how to author with specific tools? (It varies)
  • To what extent do these tools duplicate functionality available in VLEs, e.g. Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas? (Yes, there is duplication, but these tools offer much flexibility in the way learning content is designed and presented)
  • Can content produced with these tools be integrated into VLEs so that student performance can be recorded, analysed and reported on?  (Yes)
Speaker Title and topic
Jonathan Smith

ISLI, University of Reading

…will raise some of the issues round developing digital content (e.g. choosing the right tools, support and training for authors and students, design principles), introduce the speakers, manage the Q&A and close the webinar …


David Read

ELTC, University of Sheffield

I’m so flippin’ Articulate: Using Storyline 360 to develop online flipped learning content

Over the last 3-4 years, the ELTC Sheffield have invested heavily in a software suite called Articulate 360 to produce sophisticated interactive content for a variety of online courses. This presentation will give an overview of the software and what it is capable of, look at some examples used with students and discuss the advantages and limitations of using this particular software.


Amanda Gorrell

Language Academy

University of Central Lancashire

Get Xerte with it: Beyond the EAP classroom

This presentation will explore the use of Xerte as a teaching tool with pre-sessional students. It will highlight the benefits of using this type of software as well as address some of the challenges teachers face when using Xerte, specifically with the ‘tech learning curve’ surrounding design and implementation.


Gareth Jones

Coventry University Services

H5P Saucing up Moodle: Developing engaging, trackable and easily reusable content for online, face to face and blended PSE and ISE courses.

Over the last three years Coventry University have developed the first wholly online PSE course in collaboration with FutureLearn by utilising the power and flexibility of H5P. Using H5P helps to ensure our course content is interactive, engaging and measurable as well as giving us the flexibility to reuse content for different cohorts and modes of delivery. This presentation will give an overview of the H5P software and look at some examples of how it can be used in both an online and face to face setting to increase engagement and assist tutors in more accurately assessing student outcomes.




20th November 2019
2:00pm - 3:00pm
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