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BALEAP Logo Policy

The use of the BALEAP logo is permitted only within BALEAP and BALEAP SIG websites, publications and in communications from BALEAP and BALEAP SIGs, and within the organisation of BALEAP events and activities.

Institutional members may refer to their BALEAP affiliation and / or accreditation status on their website or in publications.  For sign off, please contact or

Members (& non-members) must not use the BALEAP logo without explicit permission from BALEAP.  For any questions, advice  and sign off, please contact or

Please note:

If used in conjunction with other logos, the BALEAP logo,

  • must be the same size as other logos. An alternative minimum size of ¾ of a host institution’s logo will also be accepted, in consultation with BALEAP.
  • must be positioned in the top left corner of any publication or website. An alternative positioning of the bottom left corner will also be accepted, in consultation with BALEAP.

The Executive Committee of BALEAP wishes to encourage the use of resources available on its website and social media platforms, provided they are properly referenced.

Last updated November 2021


BALEAP Social Media Policy

BALEAP supports the professional development of those involved in learning, teaching, scholarship and research in English for Academic Purposes (EAP). Our work is built on four core values: professionalism, development, collaboration and inclusivity.

The BALEAP discussion list and social media platforms play a vital role in BALEAP’s ability to provide a global forum for EAP professionals enacting our principles of collaboration and development.

BALEAP’s social media policy aims to ensure that all interactions on the members’ discussion list and on public social media platforms align to both these four core values and uphold the spirit of our EDI statement.

This policy applies to all those who engage in BALEAP channels of communication (e.g. the discussion list and public BALEAP social media platforms) and any BALEAP SIG channels of communication or forums.

  1. Retweets or forwarding of information on the discussion list by BALEAP are not to be considered endorsements and will be shared to aid in the advancement of learning, teaching, and research in the field of EAP for the benefit of the public and the BALEAP membership.   Member and public posts and contributions should be relevant to the aims of BALEAP and the interests of its members.
  2. Communication between members, the public and BALEAP should remain respectful and professional at all times and uphold BALEAP’s values and ethics as expressed in our EDI statement and our articles of association.  Whilst critical debate is encouraged, contributions should not become personal or hostile or attempt to incite prejudice or hatred of any kind.  Users should not post content that could be interpreted as discriminatory against, or bullying or harassment of, any individual. For example:
    • making offensive or derogatory comments relating to sex, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief
    • using social media to bully another individual or group of individuals
    • posting images that are discriminatory or offensive or links to such content
  3. In moderated forums,  BALEAP also recognises the potential impact of trolling or negative posts on moderators and so encourages users of BALEAP social media and communication platforms to remain respectful and aware of all involved.
  4. BALEAP reserves the right to withdraw support for, remove, or not publish any posts or communications that do not comply with this social media policy.

Please report any incidents or potential breaches of this policy  to and

Last updated November 2021