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BALEAP Testing Working Party


To provide a base for the spread of information and advice for the development of valid and reliable EAP  language testing practices.


The provision of information on:

a) current global, national and institutional  EAP tests

b) publications relevant to EAP language tests (e.g. books, journals, presentations, reports)

c) test or item writing workshop-style road shows or PIMs

d) the development of test specifications for institutional internal testing purposes

e) developments in online testing

f) innovations in language testing

g) the BALEAP Can Do framework and its value in language testing

h) statistical analysis



We have had a good number of responses (72) to the Survey Monkey which was originally sent out in October 2016. It is encouraging to see the increasing interest in language testing and assessment and below are some of the more interesting details that emerged.

  • All but 3 respondents expressed a strong interest in attending a testing and assessment workshop
  • 23  indicated that their institutions would be interested in hosting a workshop session (the first of these has already been arranged for January)
  • More than half of the respondents preferred a one-day event

We are planning a series of events, which will be advertised on the BALEAP website.

Current Working Party members (in alphabetical order):

Anthony Manning

Philip Nathan

John Slaght (BALEAP Testing Officer)

Diane Schmitt

John Wrigglesworth



BALEAP Guidelines on English Language tests for university entry:

EAP Assessment in the UK. (Diane Schmitt) [PDF]

Benchmarking end-of-course assessments. (Barry O’Sullivan) [PDF]

The two Michigan tests (ECCE and ECPE) are undergoing revision. More detailed information about changes to the ECCE and ECPE (beginning 2021)—and sample items—are now available through links here


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