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Is an accreditation visit only an evaluative exercise?

A BALEAP assessment visit is also a formative opportunity to discuss your EAP provision and related student services with the assessors. BALEAP assessors are EAP programme or centre directors themselves and can thus bring their own experience to bear on any issues you would like to raise. Assessors’awareness of practice at other institutions can also serve to inform areas of your own EAP provision and development.

How do we know if we are ready for an inspection visit?

You can arrange to have a meeting with the BAS Chair to discuss a possible accreditation visit and what this would involve.BALEAP member institutions seeking accreditation for the first time are also entitled to a free visit from an assessor to help them prepare for the accreditation process. For details please contact us.

Can we receive advice on an area of our provision we think might currently fail?

The BAS Chair and/or one of the BAS assessors can discuss your concerns and provide guidance. Please email

What is the annual fee for accreditation?

£690. For information on the financial arrangements of accreditation, please email the BAS Chair.

How do we apply for an accreditation visit?

You must be an institutional member of BALEAP to be eligible for accreditation. To apply, please contact the BAS Chair through the contact form. Prior to the visit, you will be asked to submit documentation for the range of EAP provision being delivered at the time of the accreditation visit.

What happens during the visit?

  • An assessment visit occurs over three days, beginning lunch time on day one and finishing at lunch time on day three.
  • Two BAS assessors will attend your institution to observe a sample of classes andmeet students, teachers and administrators to elicit their views about the EAP provision. For institutions where the number of EAP students at the time of the assessment visit is larger than 500, it is likely that more than two assessors will visit for four or more days.
  • The assessors aim to verify the claims made about the EAP provision in the information and declarations made in the application form and in any advertising materials or brochures.
  • The assessors will submit a report to the Accreditation Scheme Committee, which makes the final decision about whether the EAP provision meets the required standards for the accreditation criteria.

For further information please contact the BAS Chair using our contact form.