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Benefits for EAP Units

  • A BALEAP accreditation visit makes you more visible in your institution. It can help to raise awareness among crucial decision makers at your institution of what EAP is and how it is valuable to the academic success of international students.
  • Where assessors see and agree concerns, it can also be an opportunity to raise internal awareness of challenges you may be facing with regard toresources or staffing.
  • In a time of university spending cuts and increased scrutiny of provision, BALEAP accreditation can help to secure confidence in the value of the EAP teaching you offer.
  • Accreditation assessment criteria can function as valuable tools for critical reflection on your provision, since the assessment covers not just teaching and learning but also management, course design and its link to assessment and evaluation. Institutions obtaining accreditation status have reported how developmental they found the process.

Benefits for your Teachers

  • BALEAP accreditation requires that you embed and implement the EAP Teacher Competency Framework. Working with your teachers to raise awareness of the Competency Framework in preparation for an assessment visit can thus contribute to and inform their continuing EAP professional development.
  • Accreditation can help to highlight for teachers that they are members of a professional community of EAP practitioners with access to professional expertise and the sharing of good practice via Professional Issues Meetings, conferences and shared resources.

Benefits for Students

  • A BALEAP accreditation visit looks at the whole EAP student experience, from pre-arrival information and support at induction, through the classroom experience and assessment, to the transition into university life. If you are BALEAP accredited, it is a sign to students that your EAP provision is of the highest quality.