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Benefits to institutions

  •  BAS accreditation and the use of the ‘accredited by BALEAP’ logo provides a visible and explicit confirmation of the institution’s commitment to meeting and maintaining quality standards.
  • BAS accreditation signifies that the institution has strong EAP provision, which enhances students’ academic success.
  • BAS accreditation is carried out by experienced assessors, who have a breadth and depth of specialist knowledge which they apply to focus on a detailed developmental review of course and materials design as well as learning and teaching and course leadership.
  • In an increasingly competitive global market for quality EAP provision, BAS accreditation provides assurance for discerning students and their sponsors that the institution’s provision is among the highest quality.

Benefits to students

  • Students studying with BAS accredited providers are assured of a high quality student experience and EAP provision defined by the accreditation principles and criteria.
  • BAS accreditation ensures that course development is informed by student voices and experience.
  • BAS accreditation considers the student experience in its wider context to ensure a meaningfully contextualised experience.
  • BAS accreditation demonstrates that the institution places students’ learning at the centre of its courses.

Benefits to EAP providers

  • BAS accreditation raises the profile of your EAP provision, and signals to external stakeholders such as receiving institutions the importance of EAP to the academic success of students.
  • BAS accreditation provides visible confirmation of the high quality of your EAP provision, for example as a marker of quality for teacher recruitment.
  • BAS accreditation assessment criteria can function as valuable tools for your critical reflection and the development of your provision.
  • A BAS accreditation visit provides the opportunity for you to engage in enhancement- focused, critical dialogue with fellow EAP professionals, building on your strengths in your specific educational context.
  • BAS accreditation provides connection to wider communities of practice to facilitate ongoing engagement, evolution and innovation.
  • BAS accreditation can be used as an instigator for change in your development as an EAP provider.

Benefits to teachers

  • BAS accreditation signals to teachers that they will be working on a high quality course with a principled syllabus with high quality materials and student learning at its centre.
  • BAS accreditation requires that teachers demonstrate competency as teachers of EAP, and that they are given guidance and support, informed by the EAP Teacher Competency Framework. This in turn may act as a pathway for teachers to join the BALEAP TEAP Fellowship Scheme.
  • BAS accreditation signals that the EAP provider is committed to continuing professional development. This includes sharing expertise and good practice via BALEAP Professional Meetings (PIMs), Special Interest Groups (SIGs), conferences and resources.