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Submit your portfolio

BALEAP members are reminded that the 30th November is the deadline for the current round of portfolio submissions for the Individual Accreditation Scheme (TEAP Scheme). So if your observations are done, and you have built up a portfolio, make that extra effort to get the RAPP finished!  If you are coming to the PIM you can ask last minute questions there – alternatively, post them on the Facebook page or email Remember that you will need to be logged in as a member when you apply.

If you are planning to submit in 2018, there will be further information available in due course.

TEAP applications can be made twice a year, in June and November. The next deadlines are:

30th November 2017

30th June 2018

You will need to be a BALEAP member (either individual or covered by an institutional membership) in order to apply, and your membership needs to be active on the website at the point of application. Only members will be able to make payments and submit their portfolio. If you are not sure whether your institution is a member or you have any other questions about membership, please email

When you are ready, and logged in, please click here to access the form to apply for accreditation. You will be prompted to submit your RAPP and to pay the fee, either by card or by direct bank transfer.

Upcoming TEAP events

To encourage those of you who are interested in accreditation, BALEAP will be holding the following events:

Pre-conference event (separate registration): 7th April ‘Observations in the EAP Classroom’

TEAP webinar: May 10th ‘BALEAP TEAP Fellowship Scheme – building a portfolio’

BALEAP Accreditation Scheme event: May 13th ‘Incorporating Graduate Attributes Systematically into Course Design, Teaching and Learning and Assessment’

New TEAP Fellowships

I am delighted to announce the BASC ratification of the following TEAP Fellowships, from the November 2016 submissions:

Senior Fellow, TEAP Mentor and Assessor

Jane Bottomley, University of Manchester (Senior Fellow 2016, now also TEAP Mentor and Assessor)

Gary Riley-Jones, Goldsmiths London

John Wrigglesworth, Sheffield Hallam University


Hazel McAllister, University of Northampton (previously Associate Fellow)

Associate Fellow

Sarah-Kate Fletcher, BPP University

Peter Gee, King’s College London

Helen Lyttle

Michelle Segger, University of Glasgow

Caroline Taylor, University of Northampton

Congratulations to you all on your well-deserved achievement!

These members have worked hard on their TEAP portfolio as part of their CPD and commitment to EAP.

A full list of TEAP Fellows can be found on the BALEAP website:

Bristol TEAP Workshop

On Saturday 21st May, 43 EAP professionals came to Bristol University CELFS to engage with the TEAP portfolio scheme for professional development and accreditation through one of three pathways. One participant has summarised the event here:

Bristol TEAP Workshop

The workshop provided participants with information and support, as well as time for planning and writing. Many participants ended the day feeling that they are well on the way to preparing their portfolio, with a clear idea of what they have to do next.

Durham TEAP Workshop a success

TEAP fellows

A TEAP workshop was held at Durham University on Friday 22nd April. Here is some of the feedback from participants:

“Does what it says on the tin.”   “Very informative sessions.”

“No time-wasting guff!”                               “much clearer and less daunting.”

“Opportunity to talk…”                  “Opportunity to ask questions…”

“Felt reassured about both value and workload of the scheme.”

“An excellent introduction to TEAP and what is involved”.

“Good to have time to write.”    “A great day which flew past.”

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New BALEAP TEAP Fellowships