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Our Values

In August 2020, a survey was carried out to elicit members’ views on the values that should underpin the work of BALEAP as a professional association in order to articulate these more explicitly and therefore to:

  • understand how to best support our members;
  • make decisions on allocating resources;
  • take a principled stance and contribute to public debate around issues in the broader context of work.

We are proud to be able to say our work is built on four core values: collaboration, development, inclusivity, and professionalism.

Our EDI Statement

BALEAP is a community of  members coming not just from across the United Kingdom but also across the world. Therefore, as a community we are committed to supporting  all of our members and the various identities they hold. This includes fostering a spirit which enables everyone to make their voice heard. We take a view that this both represents key elements of individual and community rights but also strengthens and enriches all through an enhanced diversity of views.

The purpose of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement is to set out clearly and fully the values that underpin any actions we can take to combat direct and indirect discrimination in the organisation, in the services it provides and in its relationships with other organisations. We also recognise that some of these actions and practices may be subtle and/or systemic, and are willing to both advocate for and support our members (both individual and institutional) who are seeking positive change. 

We are profoundly opposed to both individuals and institutions who persist in oppressive actions and practices and are dedicated in continuing to make BALEAP a community where all members – both current and prospective – feel welcome, safe, and able to contribute (see articles of association, 2.1.4 and 3.1 and our own BALEAP Values). 

In adopting this Equality and Diversity and Inclusion Statement, BALEAP is also making an unequivocal commitment to turning this values statement into action in collaboration with our members, so as to ensure that equal opportunity becomes a reality and with the associated benefits and strengths to all of diversity.

March 2022