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24 April 2016

A TEAP workshop was held at Durham University on Friday 22nd April. Here is some of the feedback from participants:

“Does what it says on the tin.”   “Very informative sessions.”

“No time-wasting guff!”                               “much clearer and less daunting.”

“Opportunity to talk…”                  “Opportunity to ask questions…”

“Felt reassured about both value and workload of the scheme.”

“An excellent introduction to TEAP and what is involved”.

“Good to have time to write.”    “A great day which flew past.”

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Bristol TEAP Workshop

The aim of the TEAP workshop is to provide participants with information and support, as well as time for planning and writing. It is hoped that they will end the day feeling that they are well on the way to preparing their portfolio, with a clear idea of what they have to do next.

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