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TEAP Associate Fellow Meetup

18 February 2021

The BALEAP TEAP ‘Associate Fellow Level’ meetup takes place via zoom on Wednesday 24th February 1pm – 2.30pm (UK time). This is your opportunity to connect with EAP practitioners across the BALEAP network who are interested in working towards Associate Fellow TEAP accreditation.
Structure of the session
After an EAP themed icebreaker to get to know each other, you’ll:
  • establish where you are in your journey towards accreditation – and what you need to progress.
  • explore the associate fellow criteria and apply them to your context
  • review a sample associate fellow submission to identify how to connect knowledge, competencies and evidence.
  • set up ongoing peer support (and discuss finding a mentor)
  • review next steps and plot a personal timescale for submitting the application.
If this event would be valuable for you to attend, please register at the following link:

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