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Problems with JISC Mail

10 January 2023

Update 19 Jan

Here is a message from JISC posted in the morning on 19 Jan:

At 16:46 on Wednesday 18 Jan, we received notification that the software vendors had been able to un-block communications from Microsoft365-based email domains, enabling email traffic to start flowing again.

There’s quite a queue that’s built-up over the last week-or-so, so messages may take a while to come through, but early indications are that they ARE coming through.

There’s some good news on the website-based posting front too, with a number of users reporting that messages posted to lists via the JiscMail website having also been delivered successfully.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation, but things are looking positive.

If, however, you’ve tried to post to a list AFTER 17:00 yesterday, and have subsequently received an error message, please contact, quoting “Ongoing JiscMail Issues”.


Update 18 Jan

While the main problem with the JISC mailing list has been resolved there are still ongoing issues:

  1. Emails to list addresses appear to send correctly, but eventually receive a “timeout” or “rejected” error report; and
  2. Posts submitted to lists directly from the website claim to be successful, but don’t actually “post”

The end result of both is that messages fail to be distributed to subscribers, or to the list archives (where applicable).

The JISC team is investigating the issues and working on fixing them. The best is to check their website for updates (or their Twitter account).


Update 11 Jan

The problems continued last night and many members got multiple messages re: resubscription. Apologies that your mail boxes got flooded. We believe that JISC have not resolved the issue and we have done random check and can see access to the mailing list has been reinstated. While we are waiting for confirmation for JISC, our Administrator is going through the list of members to double-check everybody got resubscribed. If you know of anybody who still has problems accessing the mailing list, please get in touch with

JISC have just posted a report explaining the issue as well as timelines for the complete resolution of the problem

10 Jan

Many of our members are experiencing problems with the member mailing list and getting a message informing them of removing them from the list. We apologise for the inconvenience. The problem seems to be at the JISC end and they are aware of the situation and working on resolving the issue. If you see this message, please let your colleagues in your work place know.

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