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November EAP Events in Nottingham

10 October 2017

There are two great EAP events coming up in Nottingham in five weeks’ time. On Saturday 18th November, there’s the BALEAP PIM on Intercultural Communication and EAP (details here), held with the BAAL Intercultural Communication SIG, and the day before there is a ResTES event, From Presentation to Publication, which looks at how EAP practitioners can develop presentations into publishable papers. This ResTES event complements the BALEAP PIM. Sponsored by BALEAP, attendance is free of charge.

The first part of the ResTES event draws on the experience of those who have published (in a variety of genres) and is led by four published practitioners:  Liz Hamp-Lyons, Irina Adriana Veleanu, Simon Gooch, and Jeanne Godfrey (biodata below). They will discuss the processes of writing for publication and their experiences of writing up scholarship and research.

In the second part of the ResTES event, attendees are invited to bring along their drafts or ideas for publication for group discussion and support. The final session will draw together the key ideas and inspirations to support practitioner publication of their scholarship.

Please register for the ResTES event online here.

ResTES Speaker Biodata

Jeanne Godfrey, University of Leeds

Jeanne has an established profile in the field of English language, study skills, academic writing, and has held the post of Chair of BALEAP. She has taught and held senior management posts as part of a career spanning over 20 years in UK higher education. Over the last decade Jeanne has become a successful author of student self-reference books on academic reading, writing and vocabulary. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is currently teaching at the University of Leeds. Jeanne’s research interests centre around student success in spoken and written communication in academic contexts. Particular areas of interest to her are vocabulary acquisition and use, the role of writing in thinking and knowledge creation, student written voice and identity, and writing as social practice. 

Irina Adriana Veleanu, CELE, School of Education, University of Nottingham 

Over the past decade or so, Irina has taught across various general and specialist EAP courses in CELE, and been involved in development work (syllabi and materials) in addition to supporting the running of pre-sessional courses as a course coordinator. She has over 20 years’ teaching experience, both in Romania at A Level and in UK Higher Education. As an EAP tutor, she is equally interested in teaching and scholarship; through class teaching reflections, development work and conference participations. She has also been looking at ways in which class practice and investigations of class practice can inform each other in order to enhance the quality of education offered to international students. 

Simon Gooch, CELE, School of Education, University of Nottingham

Simon has taught EAP in a number of UK Higher Education institutions. He is interested in EAP course design based on academic literacies/criticality and has helped develop new EAP general pre-sessional and discipline-specific pre-sessional (Engineering, Geography, Business) materials and courses at CELE. He has recently also become more interested in EAP teaching practice and learning processes; to what extent is what we do in class really effective? He has jointly written up several BALEAP presentations for inclusion in BALEAP Conference Proceedings. 

Liz Hamp-Lyons 

Liz Hamp-Lyons is Distinguished Professor in Education and Languages at the Hong Kong Open University and Guest Professor in International Studies at Shanghai Jiaotong University, China, as well as part-time Senior Lecturer at CRELLA. 

Liz is the senior consultant to the College English Test and the Profile of Academic Competence in English in China, and consults internationally for several tests of English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes, including medical and BPO assessments. She has been the Editor of Assessing Writing since 2002, and was the founding Editor of the Journal of English for Academic Purposes (JEAP), which she co-edited until the end of 2015. 

Her interests include: English language test development and validation, focussing on writing and speaking assessment; classroom assessment and assessment for learning; rater training; English language teacher assessment literacy; and studies in advanced academic literacy. She has for many years also been interested in EAP materials development, and is co-author with Ben Heasley of Study Writing (Cambridge University Press, 2nd Ed. 2006). 

Liz  is a Founding Member and former President of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) and an Expert Member of EALTA. 

To honour Liz’s commitment to the field of EAP, JEAP took the decision to name an award after her. The Liz Hamp-Lyons award will be given to the article focusing on ‘EAP research into practice’, and judged to have the greatest potential to influence EAP curricula, materials, or assessment at the classroom and programme level.

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