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New TEAP Fellowships

17 March 2018

The BASC has ratified the following nine TEAP Fellowships, from the November 2017 submissions:

Senior FellowTEAP Mentor and Assessor

Carole MacDiarmid, University of Glasgow

Senior Fellow

Elizabeth Allen, University of Bristol


Paul Hendrie, University of Bristol

David Munn, University of Sussex

Simon Williams, University of Sussex

 Associate Fellow

Lucy Atkinson, University of Northampton

Jo Kukuczka, University of Northampton

Simon Mathews, University of Northampton

Francesco Romano, University of Stockholm

Congratulations to you all on your well-deserved achievement!

These members have worked hard on their TEAP portfolio as part of their CPD and commitment to EAP.

This brings the total number of accredited individuals to 40.  A full list of TEAP Fellows can be found on the BALEAP website:

Five of our nine new BALEAP Fellows came to the AGM at Reading on Saturday to receive their certificates. L to R: Simon Williams (Sussex), Jo Kukuczka (Northampton), Simon Mathews (Northampton),  Lucy Atkinson (Northampton) and Elizabeth Allen (Bristol). Congratulations all of you on a well-deserved achievement!

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