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Call for new BALEAP course Accreditation Scheme (BAS) Assessors

13 April 2022

Become a BAS Assessor

Our BALEAP Accreditation Scheme (BAS) is looking for new members to join our team of BAS Assessors.
For more detail about the assessor role and the accreditation scheme, see the revised BAS handbook available here.

Experience requirements for the assessor role:

  • Carrying out accreditation of learning and teaching provision on behalf of an accreditation body &/or inputting at a more strategic level within an education institution into programme accreditation/validation/review decisions and/or experience as an external examiner
  • Designing, overseeing delivery of, and evaluating EAP provision for student success in diverse teams and contexts
  • Engaging in scholarship &/or leadership informed by contextual evidence in a field relevant to EAP practice.

(Please note: experience of teaching or leading a BAS-accredited course is not an essential requirement for assessors)

Apply Now

Send your CV and a cover letter to and by 12 noon (UK time) on Mon 25 April 2022.
The cover letter (500-750 words) should outline the following:
  • The outcomes and impact of your experience in relation to each of the three requirements above (please select key highlights here rather than providing a full detailed list of your experience).
  • How the principles of BAS accreditation (contextualisation, constructive alignment and collaboration) are evidenced in your work to date and how this would shape your contribution to BAS as an assessor.
  • How the assessor role aligns with your career and professional development aspirations.


  • April 25th:  submit your application
  • May: shortlisted applicants will be invited to an online conversation at a mutually agreed time
  • June:  successful applicants attend an induction event
  • (Provisionally) July – August: successful applicants shadow an accreditation visit
The shadowing experience will then inform a final decision about the applicant taking up a full assessor role.

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