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BALEAP Statement on the Conflict in Ukraine

11 April 2022

The conflict in Ukraine is ongoing and the images and stories that we see and hear are both heart-rending and terrifying.

The BALEAP Executive Committee would like to show its support to all those affected by the current situation, both in our global BALEAP community and those outside of it.

Many in our community already volunteer for the CARA Syria programme so we have agreed to donate to CARA ( CARA seeks to provide support to ‘at-risk and refugee academics’ from all countries and especially Ukraine just now.

We should also remember those Russian academics at risk as they speak out for justice in Ukraine.


Cara’s statement on the crisis in the Ukraine:


UK researchers at risk programme:

If any of you would like to donate or help in any way here are a few other suggestions as well:

(Thanks to the UKALTA Executive Board for these)

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