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BALEAP Executive Committee – News and Election

31 January 2018

Thanks once again to those of you who volunteered for a role on the BALEAP executive committee and to those who proposed or seconded them.

Events officer:

Kerry Tavakoli was the sole nominee for the role of events officer so will be confirmed in her post at the AGM in March.  Many of us know Kerry through the regular St Andrews EAP conference that she has been organising now for several years, so we are confident she has much experience to bring to this role. Congratulations!

Ordinary member:

We have received 4 nominations for the role of ordinary member so there will be an electronic election to this role in February. Please take a careful look at the nominations before you are contacted to vote – these have been sent via the mailing list. Voting will remain open until the end of February. Results will be announced in March and the new Ordinary Member will be confirmed in post at the AGM at the University of Reading on Saturday March 24th.

If you are a member, please keep an eye on your emails and see below how you can vote.


Each individual member has the right to one vote. You will be contacted in February with instructions on how to vote. The electronic system will send regular reminders until your vote is cast.


Each institution has two votes. Institutional representatives will be contacted about the vote next week. If you only have one institutional representative, please ensure that our administrator, Yvonne Cavanagh, has contact details for a second voting member before February 1st. Each institutional voting member will be contacted in February with instructions on how to vote. The electronic system will send regular reminders until each vote is cast.

If your membership of BALEAP is through an institution, be sure to find out who your institutional representative is and make your voice heard on who you would like to represent you as Ordinary Member on the executive committee for the next three years. Please contact  if you need to find out who your institutional representative/voting members are.

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