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English Teacher

InstitutionBeijing-Dublin International College, Beijing University of Technology
Job TypeFixed term, Full time
LocationBeijing, China

Job Details

1. Regular teaching requirements:
a. Job task: English instructors are required to accept and complete work and tasks arranged by Beijing-Dublin International College.

b. Classroom teaching: The number of required classroom teaching hours for each English instructor will be no less than 12 and no more than 16 every week. Teaching may include listening, speaking, reading and writing and any other English modules offered by BDIC.

c. Specific teaching assignments: Specific teaching assignments will be provided by the English Department of BDIC approximately 2-4 weeks ahead of the start of each semester.

d. Office Hours: Office Hours are required weekly. English instructors shall be available on campus for a minimum of 6 classroom hours per-week to offer tutorials to BDIC students.

e. Working weeks: English instructors are required to observe the university calendar of each semester and ensure their availability during all working weeks.

2. Other activities relevant to regular teaching requirements:
a. Create a syllabus for distribution to students on the first day of class and plan lessons to meet learning outcomes.
b. Plan regular formative assessments, prepare and mark test papers, give oral tests and submit final grades, and some extra weekend work might be involved in this regard.
c. Attend staff meetings once every two weeks and be open to teaching inspection and evaluation from Beijing University of Technology and Beijing-Dublin International College.
d. Fulfill other duties as assigned, which may include, but are not necessarily limited to additional lectures, curriculum development and review, seminars, pre-sessional courses, extra-curricular activities etc.

Job Salary & Benefits

1. Successful candidates will be offered a monthly salary of 13,000 to 20,000 RMB before tax for 12 months commensurate with the role and their level of education and work experience. Other benefits including housing and transportation allowance will be provided.
2. Full-time job: at least 1-year fixed contract. The contract will include a one-month probation period.
3. Possible Pay rise of up to 5% for the second contract and every two years afterwards.
4. Medical insurance provided by BDIC.
5. Off work on all Chinese public holidays and on Christmas Day. A two-week paid Christmas holiday when conditions are met.

Further Information

Candidate Profile
Successful applicants must be native English speakers and educated to at least undergraduate degree level, two years relevant work experience (preferably in universities or training organizations, and related to academic English/IELTS speaking and writing).and a CELTA or equivalent teaching qualification. Candidates with higher qualifications such as a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics/TESOL or equivalent, are also also welcome to apply and may attract a higher salary. In addition, the following attributes are desirable:
1. Flexibility and adaptability to a new culture and lifestyle.
2. Genuine fascination with language, empathy with learners and a lot of creativity.
3. Highly conscientious and committed to high standards of professional service.
4. Excellent communication and organizational skills.
5. Caring and motivated by the best interests of students.
6. Willing to engage in ongoing professional development.
7. Self-belief and the ability to maintain classroom discipline.
8. A team player, able to collaborate with colleagues.

To apply contact Michael Garvey at:


Closing Date30/06/2018
Interview Date30/04/2018
Start Date03/09/2018

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