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English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Coordinator

InstitutionCentre for Academic Language and Development, University of Bristol
Job TypeOpen ended / Full time

Job Details

We are looking for an EAP practitioner and leader who is comfortable in any context and leading and developing others to do the same. You will initially focus on our well-established In-sessional provision but as we aim to rotate coordination roles every 3-5 years, in time you may move to work with colleagues on our pre-sessional or international foundation programme. The vacant Insessional Coordinator role is one of four key leadership roles in the development of the Insessional provision in which you will be responsible for the effective organization, delivery, design, and development of provisions.

You will also line manage a range of individuals in the Centre. This is not a small add-on to the role. We value authentic developmental line management as much as curriculum design and teaching.

The Insessional provision provides a lot of creative challenges to keep you motivated. You need to be comfortable with ambiguity and finding a novel way forward rather than the obvious solution. We’re confident we’ve got ‘the basics’ covered but we are a highly reflexive team always looking to develop by drawing on theories, colleagues’ input, teaching approaches, student feedback, the epistemology of the subject and your own creative intuition to develop a provision which helps students communicate more effectively within their disciplines. You will have a lot of autonomy to get out in the wider university, make connections, raise our profile and awareness of how CALD helps to develop students to communicate their academic voice and unpack the expectations of their discipline or wider HE in general.

We’re always looking at what else we can do or how we can do it differently. We give ourselves a lot to do, but we are a supportive team looking for someone who is genuinely excited by the above and who is able to bring in new perspectives to develop their colleagues, the Centre, and students. We’re also proud of where past Insessional EAP Coordinators have taken their development and moved to fantastic opportunities in other institutions so, it goes without saying but, in return for your commitment, flexibility, and motivation, we promise to stretch and develop you further in achieving your own developmental goals.

What will you be doing?

You’ll be:

  • up close to what is happening across the wider university
    collaborating with a wide range of colleagues across disciplines and contexts
  • developing a variety of provisions from discipline specific academic language and literacy to widening participation short courses, to workshops for postgraduate researchers, or to units for study abroad students
  • educating staff through network and relationship building on what we do and more importantly why we do it and why they should be involved. This might also be through delivering workshops to staff
    leading a team in curriculum design and writing material
  • line managing tutors and subject leads from a range of areas within the Centre

Job Salary & Benefits

£48,350 – £54,395 per annum

Further Information

You should apply if

You are not only comfortable, but thrive working

  • with ambiguity
  • in a variety of contexts
  • with a variety of individuals who have differing levels of awareness, time, and motivation to collaborate
  • autonomously but also within a team

You are able to

  • prioritise your workload and meet competing deadlines
  • look for the creative solution, not the obvious answer
  • make connections, collaborate and maintain those working relationships
  • champion and educate both internally in CALD, externally in the University of Bristol, and across the field of EAP

You have

  • a good knowledge of academic discourse, disciplines, and contexts
  • a desire to develop

You value

  • line management
  • feedback and reflexivity
  • supporting and developing others

If you are excited by what this opportunity offers, please look at the bottom of the application page (link below) for a full job description and requirements of the role.

For further information and to apply, follow this link:

Closing Date10/04/2024
Interview Date23/04/2024
Start Date

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