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InstitutionBALEAP-sponsored project
Job Typefixed term

Job Details

This scoping project aims to better understand any difficulties that EAP practitioners experience when trying to access relevant literature. It is intended to map the nature and extent of these challenges for EAP colleagues in different contexts.

As co-researcher you will work under the direction of the BALEAP Research and Publications Officers. You will take a co-lead role in all stages of the project including research design, data collection, data analysis and dissemination of findings.

Key duties and Responsibilities
• Co-lead on desk research including searching, reviewing and summarising relevant literature.
• Work closely with co-researchers, the BALEAP Research and Publications Officers, any research assistants, and other stakeholders to co-lead on research design, data collection, data analysis and dissemination.
• Provide methodological and research expertise throughout the process.
• Undertake data collection and/or support others to do so (depending on research design).
• Undertake transparent data analysis.
• Prepare written outputs suitable for a range of audiences

Knowledge, Experience and Skills Required
•Recent experience of face to face and digital EAP learning and teaching.
• An understanding or experience of diverse EAP practices and working conditions in different contexts.
• Experience of research design and data collection, preferably questionnaire design.
• Experience of advising on and critiquing research methodologies.
• Experience of representing a research team at meetings or other forums with key stakeholders.
• Experience in the writing of briefs, presentations, and papers for different audiences.

Job Salary & Benefits

140 hours (between January 2023 and September 2023)

£17.15 per hour


The co-researcher will be engaged on a self-employed basis and will be required to submit invoices to BALEAP for payment. It may be possible for applicants to reside outside the UK, though this may depend on the country of residence, and the tax agreement between the UK and that country. Applicants interested in this position should make enquiries to BALEAP. Payments will be in Pound Sterling into a nominated UK or overseas bank account.

Applicants will also be responsible for filing a tax return with the relevant tax authorities in your country of residence.

Further Information

More details about the project can be found here:

To Apply

Please submit a short cover letter and C.V. to :
• Susie Cowley-Haselden,
• Laetitia Monbec and
• Michelle Evans

Closing Date16/12/2022
Interview Date
Start Date

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