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Assistant Professor at the Writing Center

InstitutionHiroshima University
Job TypeTenure-track position
LocationHiroshima, Japan

Job Details

(1) Services for the Writing Center
a) Offering consultations on academic writing in English, such as drafts for academic journals and proposal abstract drafts for international conferences
b) Facilitating writing groups for assisting Hiroshima University researchers to write high quality journal papers
c) Organizing and leading seminars and workshops related to improving Hiroshima University researchers’ academic writing
d) Mentoring student tutors for English
e) Contributing to the operation and management of the Writing Center in cooperation with your colleagues and staff members
(2) Teaching Responsibilities
– Undergraduate level (general education courses): Basic Academic Writing, Intermediate Academic Writing, etc.
– Graduate level (master’s programs): English Rhetoric & Writing, etc.
– Graduate level (doctoral programs): Advanced Seminar on English Rhetoric & Writing, etc.
(3) Research
a) Conducting research based on your research plan and actively present research outcomes at academic conferences and journal papers
b) Aiming to acquire external research grants such as Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research KAKENHI
c) Using data and experiences gained through the activities at Hiroshima University Writing Center for current or future research
(4) Services for Hiroshima University
a) Participating in the management of Hiroshima University, including committees at university-wide and/or school/department-level

Job Salary & Benefits

1) The monthly salary system or annual salary system will be applied to successful candidates.
(Regulations Concerning Salaries of Hiroshima University Faculty Members will be applied. Regulations Concerning Salaries of Hiroshima University Faculty Members Employed under Annual Salary System will be applied.)
2) Successful candidates may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred for the trip from their home or former place of work to the new place of work to assume their post in accordance with the relevant regulations of Hiroshima University.

Further Information

The details of the position are available at Hiroshima University Writing Center website:

Please submit the Application Form along with all other relevant application documents by e-mail to:
The Application Form is provided on the above website.

Closing Date30/04/2020
Interview Date
Start Date10/01/2020

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