The TEAP CPD Scheme

Facilitating the education, training and professional development of those involved in the teaching, research and scholarship of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to enhance the student academic experience.

The pilot stage of the new individual practitioner professional accreditation scheme is now complete with the first 6 BALEAP Senior Fellows, TEAP Mentor and Assessors receiving their awards at the April AGM.

The scheme will now be rolled out across the sector, with substantial support from BALEAP provided during the initial stages to help individuals and institutions get started.

For full details of the scheme and the revised TEAP Competency Framework, please consult the:

   TEAP Scheme Guide


Supporting members in phase 1 of the scheme

Senior Fellow Pathway and Mentoring

The 6 BALEAP Senior Fellows and  the TEAP working party have kindly volunteered to act as mentors to an individual from a member institution currently without a Senior Fellow & TEAP Assessor, to work towards this award.

You will find information on this pathway and the support HERE

Associate Fellow portfolio assessment

A number of institutions are already supporting their staff in developing professionally and working towards becoming BALEAP Associate Fellows. At this early stage of the TEAP scheme many of these do not have a Senior Fellow and TEAP Assessor to internally verify  portfolios.

BALEAP will be supporting such institutions by offering assessment by the BASC, at no extra charge, for up to 60  practitioners in the early stages of their TEAP careers who wish to submit a TEAP portfolio by November 1st 2014.


The Development of the TEAP Scheme

The TEAP Working Party is a small group of EAP professionals, working in universities across the UK. The working party was set up in 2004-05 to develop a framework that described the competencies needed by an EAP professional. While overlapping with the requirements of more general English teaching contexts, these competencies were seen as largely distinct from typical TEFL type practice. The Framework was thus intended to function as a practice-led and expert-informed insight into the professional needs of the EAP practitioner, highlighting areas for development for anyone wishing to move into EAP work. 

 This project became The Competency Framework for Teachers of English for Academic Purposes and was published in 2008. The original 2008 Framework can be downloaded here.

This Competency Framework served to inform EAP teacher recruitment, continuing professional development and observation practice and policy in higher education institutions across the UK and internationally.

The TEAP Working Party, in consultation with members and experts across the sector, then went on to develop the competency framework to reflect developments in the profession and to meet the requirements of an individual TEAP practitioner professional accreditation scheme.

This was launched at the April 2014 AGM and is now in Phase 1, being gradually rolled out to all members.